What should i look for in a coworking space?

Here's what to consider when choosing the right coworking space for your business, Location. One of the first things to consider when finding a coworking space is the location, so it's no surprise.

What should i look for in a coworking space?

Here's what to consider when choosing the right coworking space for your business, Location. One of the first things to consider when finding a coworking space is the location, so it's no surprise. For example, Workshop Cafe, located in downtown San Francisco, is a vibrant coworking space that brings together art and technology lovers. The space is well equipped with everything needed to work at high performance, such as video monitors, Apple TV and meeting rooms for up to 10 people.

What's perhaps even better is its application, which allows you to easily reserve space and order delicious food directly on your desk. When you decide on a coworking space, visit the location and take your Luxafor CO2 with you. This small device will be very useful in evaluating if the place is well lit, well heated or refrigerated and if it has healthy levels of humidity and CO2. In addition, it will be of great help when it comes to finding the best place for your desk, where you can have privacy from noise, as well as the best lighting and air quality to focus on your tasks. Our favorite is Green Spaces, a sustainable coworking community in the heart of Denver's Arts District. This beautiful place is adorned with plants and has open spaces illuminated by the sun and cozy corners with little light in which to hide to work hard and enjoy privacy.

The community is pet-friendly and promotes a sustainable and ecological environment, doing their part together to save the environment. According to a large survey, 80 percent of employees say they are more productive when they change location while working. Flexible working in terms of location and working hours has become a priority for professionals in all sectors. The Mill in Wilmington, Delaware, offers top-notch services for businesses, entrepreneurs, startups, freelancers and remote workers in any industry. In addition, its Internet connection reaches 400 Mbps (yes, it's very fast) and allows you to review your downloads and uploads in an instant.

The place is equipped with everything you need to run your business from there, plus free coffee and beer. Sign up below to receive a FREE PDF version of Luxafor's 100 productivity tips PDF checklist. The location of the desired co-working space is the first factor to consider. How is the trip to work? If you're going to travel to and from work every day, it's best to keep the travel distance minimal.

You'll also need to find out if the office has enough parking space (so you don't have to desperately search for a place to park every morning). Otherwise, make sure you can comfortably walk to public transport stops from your building. It's also important to consider the needs of your customers. Ideally, the location should be easy for visiting customers to locate and in an attractive location.

You should also check what other amenities are in the area, such as gyms, cafés, bars and restaurants. Remember that you want the location of your office to leave a positive impression on your customers. It's critical that the co-working space you want has all the amenities you need for maximum productivity. Some coworking spaces are better equipped than others, and you may have to pay more to enjoy certain amenities.

Does your work require regular access to a printer? Do you need a high-quality coffee machine? Are there other specific facilities you want? Consider what your priorities are and think about what you're willing to pay more for. Coworking is becoming a buzzword lately, and flexible office spaces are appearing left, right and center. While the benefits of this type of office model are well documented, what should you really look for in a coworking space? By keeping these 15 tips in mind when evaluating different coworking spaces, you can make an informed decision about which one best suits your remote work needs. You must first understand what you want from the space in order to find a coworking space with the perfect environment. Fortunately, most coworking spaces offer tests where you can test the space before making a long-term commitment.

Most coworking spaces are equipped with standard office equipment, but be sure to ask for anything additional that you might find useful, such as chargers, white boards or projectors. We offer flexible coworking spaces and private offices for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses, along with other services such as mailing addresses, meeting rooms and reception services. Whether you're looking for a new space for your team or just need to get out of the house, coworking spaces offer flexible and cost-effective solutions. A coworking space that offers more private options may be more suitable than one with a large shared space.

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